Toddler's Tragic Death Helps 3 Strangers Live (VIDEO)

Dastan TrantWe know life can change in an instant, but it's unimaginable in just what ways it will change until it happens. For Texas parents Amanda and Eric Trant, that instant happened last week when they went to the park with their 18-month-old son Dastan.

According to a story from FOX4, Dastan was a seemingly healthy, strong toddler with no signs anything was wrong. Then while at the park, he had a seizure for reasons doctors still can't explain. After two days in the hospital, they were told he had lost all brain activity and wouldn't survive.


As a parent, I don't know how you can even wrap your brain around something so sudden and so devastating. I don't know how you're able to take a breath, much less make important decisions. Fortunately the Trants were strong enough to do so, and they made one that helped save the lives of three of people.

In the midst of their grief, they agreed to donate Dastan's organs. "You have to remember where we were, we're in Children's Medical and there are rooms around us with children dying," Eric Trant told the station.

The boy's heart went to a 2-month old girl; his liver went to a 1-year-old girl; and his kidneys are now being used by a 68-year-old woman. All three transplants are said to have been successful, and you can only imagine the joy their families are experiencing now because of this family's courage.

It's a decision I hope I could make if put in the same position, though I imagine it being excruciating as you want to hang on and hope for that miracle. But as the Trants show, sometimes the miracle has to go to someone else. As difficult as it was, however, it also seems to be helping the family to heal in the face of such a senseless loss of life. Eric said:

To be able to at least prolong him in some way is magical because there's a chance to hear his heart again one day or see some little girl live because of him or see a grandma who can continue her years with a toddler's kidneys in her.

 Here's more on their amazing, inspirational story.


If your child was in a similar situation, would you choose to donate his or her organs?


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