10-Year-Old Girl Hears Her Voice (and Melts Our Hearts) After a Lifetime of Silence

Cochlear implantSammie Hicks has had an amazing journey. After losing her hearing as the result of a genetic mutation, she spent most of her young life deaf. But her mother says she hasn’t let that challenge—or any other, for that matter—slow her down. Then Sammie found out that her insurance company would cover the $100,000 cost of getting a cochlear implant. Her video diary documents her story, and her reaction is priceless:


Doesn’t that make you smile, maybe even tear up a little bit? I love her enthusiasm and humility, but most of off, I love her can-do spirit. If you watch her video diary, which she started to help inspire other people (I love this little girl!), you see that the little Texas fireball didn’t play the victim role or feel sorry for herself, which means that she was bound to be great whether she got her hearing back or not.

After her successful surgery in April, she says it’s been “overwhelming” to go from hearing absolutely nothing to hearing absolutely everything, but she says the real reason she cried: “I couldn't believe all the stuff I was missing.” I can only imagine how exhausting it is to transition from silence to sound in a matter of minutes, but it’s a gift nonetheless.

Anyway, Sammie’s spunky spirit ought to come in handy when her 8-year-old brother, Jacob, soon gets outfitted with a bionic ear of his own. He’ll have big sister to look—and listen—to when he makes his own journey.

Good for both of them and, might I also note, good for their insurance company for covering the costs. Twice. Anybody who’s been through any kind of medical procedure themselves or with their kids knows how touch and go and thoroughly frustrating that part of the process can be. So yay all around.

If your child had hearing loss, would you consider the risk and expense of surgery to correct it?

Image via ~suchitra~/Flickr

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