Pregnant Woman's Emergency C-Section Uncovers Something Even Bigger Than Her Baby

baby feetI've heard plenty of stories about pregnant women who needed to have emergency C-sections, but when I heard about Gemma Fletcher's incredible case? All I can say is wow -- just WOW. Gemma started having complications with her pregnancy at 32 weeks, and shockingly, doctors discovered a HUGE tumor on her kidney -- which actually weighed more than the baby girl she was carrying!

Doctors were worried about the tumor bursting, so she underwent an emergency Cesarean when she was 8 months pregnant. Gemma's daughter, Ava, weighed in at 6.4 pounds after delivery. And the tumor, yeah, that sucker tipped the scales at 7.5 pounds. (What are the odds?!)


Doctors think she had the benign tumor since birth, but her hormones during pregnancy caused it to grow. And it's a good thing that little Ava was delivered early, because it kept growing even more after she was born. OMG. Can you imagine if they'd waited any longer to deliver the baby? I mean, Gemma's delivery wasn't normal or easy, but it probably would've been much, much worse had that tumor gotten any larger.

She must've felt like she was carrying twins, and I can't even imagine her relief when her little girl came into the world safe and sound. Her jaw must have dropped when she found out her tumor was an entire pound larger than her baby! (I can't seem to get over that part.)

And I guess, in a way, baby Ava actually saved her mom's life, because the tumor may not have been discovered if Gemma hadn't been pregnant. Isn't it funny how things have a way of working out like that? Baby Ava is a true miracle -- in more ways than one.

Do you know anyone who found an unknown medical condition after becoming pregnant?

Image via Zorah Olivia/Flickr

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