Junior High School Student Sent Home From School for Dressing Too Well

pretty skirtAh, teenagers. You have to love them with their rebellious nature, their obstinate attempts to carve our their own identity with nose rings, pink hair, and outrageous outfits. In fact, they can sometimes go so overboard in their unorthodox appearance that they can even be sent home from school. That's what happened to one father. He got called to his 14-year-old daughter's junior high school and told to pick up his kid because she was dressed "inappropriately." Oh oh.

You won't believe what the girl was wearing.


The father, who recounted his tale on his blog and then in The Huffington Post, arrived at his kid's school in Utah to find her dressed in ... are you ready? A flouncy brown patterned skirt with a big flower belt, a white t-shirt with short sleeves, and flats. Horrors!

The principal of the school had deemed that the girl's skirt was just a wee bit too short. Half an inch too short, to be precise. Writes the dad:

I began to think: "Luckily the school administration can look at her and see her as a provocative female," but then I thought ... no ... that is extremely creepy. I tried to think: "Luckily the school administration can look at her though the eyes of hormone-addled teenage boys to see her as provocative," but then I thought ... no ... that is weird-creepy.

The dad also mentions that, when the yearbook came out, he saw plenty of girls with shorter skirts on. Did the principal have it out for his daughter? Maybe she had the skirt hiked up higher than it was when her father arrived?

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Looking at the photo, it appears the girl was dressed appropriately not only for school, but her age. However, if the school did have a very stern skirt policy, and the skirt WAS a bit too short, then the rules were broken. Still, it seems odd that the principal had nothing better to do than to measure this girl's skirt. But maybe it is just a really well-run school and nothing, absolutely nothing, was more important that day than preventing the rest of the junior high innocents from being subjected to this girl's stubby knees.

That said, inappropriate dress can often be in the eye of the beholder. I once wore a long black t-shirt with white lettering on it to my job as a hostess at a restaurant oh so many years ago. I myself thought the shirt to be quite classy. I'd bought it in Paris, and the white lettering spelled out ooh-la-la stuff like "Eiffel Tower," and "Louvre." As far as I was concerned, my authentic Paris t-shirt was good enough to put me on a couture runway.

My boss didn't quite think so. He took once look at my loose t-shirt and fired me.

Should schools be so strict about their students' dress code?


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