Army Parents Give Kids Double Surprise By Coming Home Together (VIDEO)

Army dadWho doesn't love a military homecoming video? Seeing a mom or dad surprise their kids after months far away from home serving our country is enough to bring a pinprick or two to the eyes of even the biggest cynic. So how do you possibly make a video more heart wrenching?

You double it. Two parents who are serving our nation in the United States Army finagling joint leaves so they can come home together to surprise their two kids made me lose it this week. Soldiers Travis and Isela Ulman are an inspiration to all us parents who are trying to do the best we can for our kids. Just take a look:


I can't quite figure out if I'm crying because their story is so amazing or because I can't imagine two parents both having to leave their kids. I say this with full respect for what the Ulmans and other military couples are doing. I support their choices 100 percent. I just can't imagine being them!

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I have a hard enough time going away for business -- which is nothing like going into combat, I know -- when I know my husband is home with our daughter. I know she will have the best care. I know she will have a lot of fun. I don't worry about her!

She will be fine, but I won't. The selfish part of me feels like crap when I leave. I want to be home. With her!

So just imagine what it's like for couples who are both in the military and both deployed. Even when they have a good support system to love and care for their kids, the strain on these parents has to be immense. And yet, they do it. And they obviously make the most of their moments home. I know I'll be thinking of them the next time I have to go on a business trip, how about you?

What do you do with your kids when you and your significant other have to be away at the same time?


Image via WLUK/YouTube

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