Mom of Baby Stuck in Washing Machine Says Dad Didn't Do It (VIDEO)

baby in washing machineIf you've seen the video of the baby who was placed in a washing machine that accidentally got turned on, you might find it hard to believe that story could get much worse. Oh, but it can ... or at least more twisted.

Original reports said it was the baby's father who placed him in the machine as a joke. When he shut the door, the machine turned on, and footage shows 1-year-old Saimeir Bush being thrown around inside the machine for more than a minute before a worker finally freed him. Fortunately, the baby was somehow fine, but it was such a horrific example of bad parental judgement that we all chided these irresponsible parents.

Only now, it appears there may have been no parents involved


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According to MSNBC, the boy's mother, Sakia David, said the dude who put him in the machine was not the boy's father; in fact, she doesn't know who he is. Not only that, David says she wasn't even at the laundromat when the incident occurred; instead the boy was supposedly there with a babysitter at the time.

She says she saw the incident on the news, and questioned her babysitter as to if it was her child, but the babysitter denied it. When police showed up the next morning, David said she knew it was true, and the babysitter later admitted that it was indeed her baby in the machine. There's no report as to who the guy in the video actually is and why he put the baby in the machine.

David is amazingly forgiving about the whole thing and told MSNBC that it was just an accident and she doesn't think anyone should be charged. However, she says she will "think twice" about leaving her son with a babysitter again. Can't say that I blame her.

I'm not sure this new information makes the incident any better or worse. I'm just still amazed that the little boy is okay after that horrific experience. If you missed it, you can watch the original footage below, but be warned, it's hard to stomach.

Do you think it makes things better or worse that it wasn't a parent who placed the baby in the washing machine?

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