Toddler Rides Bike Into Rush Hour Traffic While Grandpa Is Babysitting (VIDEO)

3 year old motorbikeHoly smokes, a 3-year-old boy rode his toy motorbike smack dab into rush-hour traffic -- and he was driving against traffic! The little guy was supposedly being watched by his grandpa but apparently not very closely. Boy wonder just drifted right onto the busy road around 5:30 p.m. and had to be rescued by police. Fortunately he wasn't hurt.

But how scary -- in the video you'll see the child driving right into a left-turning lane, so giant bus after giant bus just narrowly misses him. It's like a real-life episode of Little Rascals only nowhere near as cute and funny. Can you bear to watch?


Good God. There are way too many close calls in that video. My toes are curling just watching it. And that kid's poor parents! What would you do if you left your beloved child with his grandpa and this happened?!? And what if Grandpa is the parents' only childcare option while they work?

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I don't speak Chinese so I can't tell exactly what he's saying, but doesn't the grandpa seem a little chill for what just happened? The article calls him "worried," but he looks pretty relaxed there. Like he's seen worse.

I'm also thinking maybe these little motorized bikes are not such a smart toy for 3-year-olds. It give them IDEAS, you know? Like it's a real motorbike and they can just drive off in the street like a grown-up. Geez, it's bad enough some 3-year-olds can almost outrun their parents. Why make it even harder with a wee motorbike?

Would you ever give your child a toy motorbike like this one?

Image via The Telegraph

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