Marvel Creates Special Needs Superhero Thanks to Smart Mom

west coast avengers cover hawkeye
West Coast Avengers cover with
Hawkeye wearing a hearing aid
Little Anthony Smith was absolutely sure about one thing -- superheroes did not wear hearing aids. So when his mom Christina D'Allesandro asked the 4-year-old to put on his hearing device -- which they dubbed "blue ear" because of it's color -- he naturally put up a fight.

She told him that crime fighters did in fact wear hearing aids, but Anthony wanted proof. As with most good moms, Christina didn't give up. She emailed Marvel Comics to see if, on an off chance, there were any superheroes who fit the bill. "I am likely to get stuck in your spam filter," she wrote from their Salem, New Hampshire home. "But you never know..." The long shot paid off.


The company sent Anthony, who has a rare genetic disorder that left him hearing impaired in his right ear, an image of an old '80s comic book featuring Hawkeye, a hero who had lost his hearing and wears a hearing aid.

They didn't stop there. Marvel artists decided to make the little boy into his own superhero, called Blue Ear. His tag lines: "Thanks to my listening device, I hear someone in trouble" and "When DANGER makes a sound, the Blue Ear answers the call."

How cool is that? Anthony's immediate response: "This is me!" Needless to say, he has been wearing his hearing aid every day since the drawings arrived. His classmates at a school for hearing loss have been inspired too. The kids requested a Superhero Day complete with costumes and promised not to be held back by their special needs. "It just so captivated Anthony and his little buddies," Christina said. 

Though the real hero here? Mom. This sweet story demonstrates what being a parent is all about. Great moms never stop trying to make their kids feel loved and accepted, no matter what they face. You go, Supermom!

Did you think a comic book character could ever be so inspiring?

Image via Marvel Entertainment

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