Sweet School Kids Start Flash Mob to Cheer Up Mom of Cancer-Stricken Baby (VIDEO)

flash mob

You know those stories about people doing something out of the kindness of their hearts simply because they want to try and brighten a person's day? Yeah -- this is definitely one of them. Tara Dragon Hernandez is an elementary school vice principal who had to take a leave of absence this year when her baby boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a devastating form of brain cancer.

Tara came back to the school yesterday with her 10-month-old son, Grayson, for what she thought was an end-of-the-year assembly. But she was completely taken by surprise and broke down in tears when the group of 800 students and teachers at the school started a flash mob in her honor to the tune of Bruno Mars' "Count on Me."


You can watch Tara's emotional reaction in the video below -- just to warn you, the clip is a major tearjerker.

How amazing and sweet are these kids? I loved how the one little girl said, "It was for Ms. Dragon because her baby wasn't feeling good and she was sad and the baby had to go to the hospital." And then the cute little boy who said they did it for baby Grayson to "help him get better" -- OMG. My heart melted.

It's pretty obvious that these children love their vice principal and genuinely care about her happiness and the health of poor little Grayson. The power of love and prayer can be pretty incredible -- and thankfully, 98 percent of Grayson's tumor was removed. And as his treatment journey continues, he and Tara definitely have a wonderful support system to fall back on in this group of elementary school kids. Their parents should be incredibly proud!

Has your child ever taken part in a flash mob?


Image via WWLTV

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