Dad Sticks Baby in Washing Machine in Joke That Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

Baby in WasherThe sign said “Junior Wash $2.95," so while doing laundry at his local laundromat, a Washington man decided to be a funny guy and put his baby inside the washing machine. Only when he closed the door, it locked, and the machine turned on ... with his baby inside the machine.

Horrifying footage shows the baby spinning around in the machine and being bounced around as the parents helplessly try to get him out. For at least a full minute, the baby is in there. You can't tell if water is pouring in or not, but the things that could have happened to this child are unimaginable. Watch the video after the jump, but be warned -- it's pretty disturbing.



It actually looks more like a dryer to me, but either way, it's horrific to watch, and that kid could have died. Fortunately they were able to get an employee to free the baby, and somehow he's okay. According to Real Talk NY, he came out of it with only minor bruises. How is beyond me, but thank goodness.

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It doesn't appear the father meant to harm the child, but common sense would dictate that you don't stick your kid in an industrial machine. It's not known if he will face criminal charges, and unless there's a charge for stupidity, I don't know that he should be for what appears to be just serious misjudgment. However, if ever there was a case to be made that people should have to have a license to procreate, this incident should definitely be added to the evidence.

Do cases like this make you think parents should need licenses before having children? Do you think the man should be charged criminally?


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