Father of 30 Children Says He Can't Support Them

baby footprintsDesmond Hatchett, 33, is having a problem keeping up with his child support payments. There’s good reason for this, as the Tennessee man has 30 children (that he knows about) with 11 different women. The children range in age from toddler to teenager.

Hatchett makes minimum wage, has 50 percent of his wages garnished for child support (the maximum allowed under the law), and obviously has trouble making ends meet. He went to court recently to ask for a break in those payments.


It is unknown whether any of his children are on public assistance, but some of the mothers receive as little as $1.49 a month from the baby-daddy. It hardly seems worth it at that point, but I suppose it’s the principle of the thing.

Sorry dude, but if you didn’t want to support 30 children, maybe you should’ve slapped a condom on every time, or (Heaven forbid!) kept it in your pants. It’s not fair to anyone to father so many children by so many women that you brag about having four in one year, twice, without being able to care for them.

Who are these women that are willingly getting pregnant with this guy’s children? As far as I know, he didn’t rape any of them, and while I could see one or two children being conceived while using some sort of birth control, I highly doubt all 30 of them were. Come on, ladies, why are you having unprotected sex with this scumbag?

These poor kids are growing up with single working mothers, or living off welfare or charity, and they’re doing it without a real father in their lives. So what if he knows their names and birthdays? It takes more than that and $1.49 a month to be a dad. My heart is heavy for these kids, and I hope their mamas take advantage of some sort of mentorship program like Big Brothers Big Sisters for them. Just because they have a rocky start in life doesn’t make them any less capable of doing great things than anyone else.

The state says they have no way of keeping Hatchett from impregnating women, and I don’t believe they should. Having kids is personal decision that I think the government should stay out of -- including subsidizing child rearing. We don’t know if any of these kids are on welfare, but if they are, and Hatchett can’t make his child support payments, maybe his horny ass should be jailed until he can make those payments. At least it would keep him from philandering and creating even more wards of the state.

Image via Katelyn Kenderdine/Flickr

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