Sweet Little Girl Comforts Her Daddy After a Hard Loss (VIDEO)

little girl comforts dad

A little girl had to console her dejected dad after his soccer team tied in a professional match. He TIED not lost, mind you. Even so, Dutch soccer player Rogier Meijer was so distraught that he plopped down on the field and sulked. His daughter Saar -- wearing a jersey with her pop's number on it -- ran onto the pitch to try and cheer him up, sweetly putting her hand on his sunken shoulder.

Seriously, who's the grown up here?


I won't deny this is a cute father-daughter moment. But it's as much ridiculous as it is adorable. Her dad is being an absolute baby and a bad role model. She's the child, not him. He should know better than to show such poor sportsmanship, not just in front of his kid, but everyone else's.

And poor little Saar. Little does she know, this is just the beginning. No matter how strong they appear on the outside, men are natural born whiners. They catch a common cold and you would think it as the Bird flu. It doesn't make them any less lovable, just a bit annoying at times.

Every woman knows it's par for the course. The tyke will likely have to comfort a pouty man  (whether it be father, brother, husband or friend) many, many times in her life. Lucky for her, dad is giving her plenty of practice.

Do you think the dad's reaction was immature?

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