6-Year-Old Paraplegic Shocks Classmates & Walks at Talent Show (VIDEO)

Caleb RoachAmidst snazzy magic tricks and fancy dance routines, you wouldn't expect something as simple as walking to get much of a reaction at a school talent show. But when 6-year-old Caleb Roach walked across the stage at Pickett Elementary in St. Joseph, Missouri, recently, he brought down the house.

According to KQTV, nine months ago Caleb was riding with his father when they veered off the road and crashed. His father suffered only minor injuries, but Caleb lost use of his legs. His mother, Crystal Neill, told the station, "He instinctively knew that his legs didn't work anymore."


After six weeks in the hospital, he started learning to get around by using a wheelchair. He went back to school, and continued treatments. Most importantly, he never gave up his will to walk. His hard work paid off, and with the help of special braces he was  ready to show his classmates his amazing accomplishment for the first time.

He decided the school talent show would be the best time and place, and the amazing reaction he got shows what a wonderful decision that was -- both for him and the school community. The reaction of the students was amazing, and for as young as they are, they really seemed to get what a big deal this was.

It's such an amazing story of resilience, and it's ones like this that I cling to when I imagine all the horrific things that can and do happen in life. Because the fact is we can't prevent them all, and as hard as it to accept, children do get hurt. But sometimes they're also able to get back up, overcome their limitations, and show us all just how minor some of our daily worries and discomforts really are.


What's the best act you've seen at a school talent show?


Image via CNN

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