SuperMom Delivers 12+ Pound Baby Via Natural Water Birth

neborn feetA mom in England named Naomi Turner must have special powers (or at least superhuman strength) after giving birth to a 12-pound, 6-ounce baby girl -- naturally. As in no drugs or epidural or anything else that might've helped ease the pain of bringing a baby the size of a 3-month-old into the world.

Naomi was already two weeks overdue when she went into labor with her daughter, but she still had every intention of delivering her baby in a birthing pool -- which is exactly what she did. "Little" Bethany Jane Turner arrived safely, and Naomi didn't even realize she'd just had a whopper of a baby until they weighed her on the scale. In fact, Bethany is the third largest baby ever born in Britain.

And I can't stop scratching my head and wondering how Naomi didn't manage to notice any difference between this baby's birth and the births of her other two children. Because something tells me it would be pretty hard to ignore a 12-pounder trying to make her way out.


My son wasn't enormous or anything, but he did weigh in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce. My doctor actually wound up inducing me 10 days early because she didn't want him getting over 8 pounds. She figured I wouldn't be able to deliver him vaginally if he got any bigger than that -- and she was probably right. 

And I know one thing for certain -- there's no way I would've been able to make it through my 24-hour labor and delivery without the help of an epidural. If they'd stuck me in one of those birthing pools? I would've been thrashing around like a fish being attacked by a shark and soaked everyone in the room for sure.

That epidural was my lifeline, and the only thing that made me remotely enjoy my son's delivery at all. And if I ever were to have a second baby, I'd ask for one the minute I got to the hospital. But I guess everybody has their own idea of how they expect their birth to play out, so I have to give major props to Naomi for sticking to her guns and hopping into that birthing pool. And even though her natural labor and delivery was probably pretty exhausting, the 12-pound, 6-ounce reward she got at the end was more than worth it.

Are you planning on giving birth naturally? How about if your baby winds up being larger than expected?


Image via Markus Reinhardt/Flickr

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