10,000 Angry Bees Trap a Mother & Baby in Car for Hours (VIDEO)

It was like a scene out of Stephen King's Cujo only with bees instead of a dog last weekend when a mom was trapped in her car in Manhattan alone with her 6-month-old while 10,000 bees (!!) swarmed outside. Is that a nightmare or what?

It all happened on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when a mom and baby were in their car. The queen bee landed on the passenger side mirror and all of her bee followers soon came to the same mirror and tried to set up a colony.

The end result weighed three pounds and it took a professional beekeeper to rescue the trapped mom and baby. See below:


As a mom, it's hard to imagine what this must have felt like. When my daughter was about the same age, I drove from Boston to Manhattan to visit a friend and we hit horrific traffic. A drive that should take 3.5 hours ended up taking about eight. I was in tears and scared, especially when my baby had to nurse.

I felt trapped and upset, but there were no bees. I can't even imagine the terror, especially, I am sure, when a bee or two made it into the car. After all, cars aren't air tight. Though it doesn't say in the story, one has to assume one got in, right? Maybe more?


There isn't much that terrifies this mama more than creepy crawlies. The other day I almost had a heart attack when I pulled an embedded tick from my 5-year-old's ear. I am not sure I would survive a swarm of bees, even if I never was stung.

All's well that ends well if mommy and baby are fine. But wow. Talk about a story she will tell for the rest of her life. And hopefully that is how all these harrowing tales go. When they are stories and family legends, they are fun. But while they are happening? Whoa. They are terrifying.

What would you do if this were you?


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