Pregnant Hotel Employee Fired for Saying 'Bye Bye' Should Have Been Treated Like a Queen

cosmopolitanA woman from Las Vegas has filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, The Cosmopolitan Hotel, after they allegedly fired her for saying "bye bye" on the phone instead of "goodbye." Aside from the fact that those two terms mean absolutely the same thing, should a woman who is 8 months pregnant really be told how to end a phone conversation? I think not.

And if being terminated on those grounds doesn't make the Cosmopolitan sound like a pretty crappy place to work, then the additional poor treatment she received while pregnant really seals the deal.


Melodee Megia worked as a room service sales person and would answer the phones when orders came in from guests. She claims that she was verbally abused by her supervisor on the job. At one point, she was about to deliver a packet of condoms at a guest's request (gross!) and the supervisor said, "Isn't it too late for that? You should have thought about it before getting knocked up."

Are you kidding me? Who says something like that to a pregnant woman -- let alone any employee? That sounds like harassment to me. And after getting other nasty comments and dirty glances from her co-workers, Melodee was ultimately fired for saying "bye bye."

In addition to the discrimination lawsuit, she's also filed a suit for workers' wages, because she was not paid for the time she had to wait to pick up her employee uniform and change into it. Apparently Cosmopolitan workers aren't allowed to leave the hotel with their uniforms on, so they take them off at the end of their shift and pick them back up when they return. Good grief. Getting dressed in your last trimester is no small feat, so I'm sure Melodee lost even more wages than other non-preggo workers.

I can't help but feel like she really got the raw end of the deal when it comes to how people are supposed to treat you when you're pregnant, especially in the workplace. When I was expecting my son, I worked up until my last trimester, and was treated like some kind of queen at my office. I swear I barely had to lift a finger. Every time someone went to grab something from the kitchen or pick up lunch, they asked me if I wanted anything. And whenever I was anywhere remotely near a doorway? Someone opened the door for me. And when I sat at my desk and scarfed down bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes over and over again when I probably should've been getting extra work done -- no one said a word.

And honestly, every pregnant woman should be treated like I was, with the highest respect and courtesy. I don't blame this woman one bit for filing lawsuits. I would have too. Hopefully once all is said and done, she won't have to go back to work in a hostile environment ever again. (Take the money & run, honey!)

How has your employer treated you during your pregnancy?


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