New Plan Offers a Dedicated Midwife for Every Woman ... but Probably Not You

newbornIf you're already ridiculously jealous of the generous maternity leave policies mamas overseas get, this latest move is going to make you positively green. In the U.K. a new plan will give all women one-on-one care from a midwife before, during, and after their babies are born.

According to The Guardian, the plans recently unveiled by the National Health Service are meant to offer better care to women and to better help identify and support women who suffer from postpartum depression. Under the plan women who have miscarriages or stillborn babies will also receive increased care. How bloody brilliant is that?


Health Secretary Andrew Lansley told Yahoo!:

No woman should have to cope with postnatal depression without help and support. The changes we are putting in place today will mean that the NHS is providing even more support to women who have this serious condition.

It's seriously wonderful news for the women of the U.K., but why is it that they make it so much easier for women there than we do here in the United States? And they get the clotted cream too!

I know they have socialized medicine and all, but we've got to figure out how to do some of this here too. Sure we can hire our own midwives, and some women do, but many can't afford one. They're often shuttled between numerous doctors and nurses, never seeing the same one twice. Having one "named" person who gets to know you and your pregnancy would be beneficial in countless ways from increased breastfeeding rates to fewer c-sections, say experts.

Research continues to show how important a woman's pregnancy and delivery are to the health of a child. Few things should be more important than giving every person the best start possible in life, no matter where you live.

Do you agree that giving every woman a dedicated midwife would be helpful during pregnancy?

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