Mom of Baby Without Eyes Shows Us the Meaning of Unconditional Love (VIDEO)

lacey buchanan

Every mother's worst nightmare is for her baby to be born with a disability that will prevent him from leading a normal life. And sadly, one mom named Lacey Buchanan was beyond heartbroken when her baby boy, Christian, was born with such a severe cleft palate that it left him unable to close his mouth -- and also blind because his eyes never formed in utero.

Lacey wanted to share Christian's story with the world, and since she was too emotional to talk about him on camera, she instead made a video, lasting a little over seven minutes long, where she's seen holding up flashcards telling all about her journey with her beloved little boy, and how hard the first year of his life has been for them both. They've had to deal with nasty comments, lurking stares from strangers, and Lacey even had one person scold her for not terminating her pregnancy to spare Christian from having to live with a physical deformity. (It's amazing just how cruel people can be.)


Normally when I see videos that are longer than three or four minutes, I don't watch them because they usually fail to hold my attention. But while watching and listening to Lacey and Christian's story, I found myself glued to my computer screen, and unable to hold back the tears, which flowed readily after only a few seconds of watching the clip. Get your tissues ready.

Honestly, have you ever seen a more beautiful picture of a mother's unconditional love? As I sat and watched (and bawled my way through) this video, I wanted so badly to reach through the screen and give Lacey a huge hug and tell her what a huge inspiration she is to moms to face parenting challenges head on, and never fail to see the positive in every situation.

And aside from just how inspirational Lacey's video is, Christian's story also serves as such a great reminder that we can never take our children, or their health, for granted. It's so easy to get upset about daily occurrences that make life as a mom a little bit difficult -- but hearing a story like this really puts things into perspective and makes me remember not to sweat the small stuff.

What did you find most moving about Christian's story?


Image via UrbanJamesLim/YouTube

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