Funniest Mom Reactions to 'Time' Magazine's Breastfeeding Cover

time cover reduxIs your head still spinning from that Time magazine breastfeeding cover? And that weird headline. (WTF!) But I'm also cracking up over the Twitter responses from other moms that I've seen so far.

One of my favorite mom tweets has to be this one from @KCzubek: "The text that SHOULD go with the controversial Time Magazine cover." And then she gives us her version of the Time mag cover, which reads: "Are you desperate to sell magazines?" Zing! Exactly, Kimberly.


The Stir's own Lindsay Ferrier says, "Is anyone else feeling sorry for the kid on the @Time magazine cover? His middle/high school years are now officially DOOMED." And Becky Hood replied, "So is his dating life. Therapists, though, are already counting their money. #mommyissues."

Alyssa Milano, a new mom herself, doesn't like how divisive the cover is. "Time, no! You missed the mark! You're supposed to be making it easier for breastfeeding moms. Your cover is exploitative & extreme."

Or as Libby Hoppe put it, "Oh, man this Time cover story is about to spark some major convos in the mommy circles. I'll grab the popcorn."

The Time cover is so bobbieliscious it got Alice Bradley lactating for whatever: "Nursing a three-year-old is extreme? I'll nurse anything. I just nursed a barn owl."

Anymommy replied, "You're not mom enough. I'll nurse a pterodactyl. I'll genetically engineer one from fossils AND THEN NURSE IT."


Kristen Chase is just outraged by the child's poor etiquette. "What kind of manners does that kid on the Time cover have? Who stands and eats?" "In our house, we sit and eat from our nipples."

And finally, this one about had me rolling on the floor. Another brilliant Stir contributor Linda Sharps says, "Yo Time I'm really happy for you but Game of Thrones had one of the best breastfeeding scenes of all time!" And then she posted this video below. BAM! I think we'll have to give her the last word.

Who do you think had the funniest Twitter response to the Time cover?


Image via Kimberly Czubek/Twitter

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