Toddler Yanked Off Plane Because She's on TSA's 'No-Fly' List

sippy cupMeet the world's most adorable suspected terrorist. She's got dark ringlets, a pink sippy cup, and she's all of 18 months old. Not 18 years -- 18 months. Little Riyanna was pulled off a flight from Florida to New Jersey because she's on TSA's "no-fly" list.

Look into this sweet baby face and tell me -- is this the face of a extremist bomber?

All jokes about toddlers and diaper bombs aside, WHAT THE HELL? How do you look a mother in the eye and say, "Well, it's not you or your husband. Your daughter was flagged as no fly." What kind of absurd game is this?


Seriously, when a toddler comes up on your no-fly list, I think that should raise an alarm. Not the kind of alarm that makes you yank a family off a plane (they'd already been issued their boarding passes!). But the kind of alarm that says "something about our security system is seriously f*cked up!" Are there any grownups in charge here?

This must have just been terrifying -- and humiliating -- for the parents. I know everyone's sick of toddlers who can't behave on a flight, but come on! With all the stress of traveling with a toddler, the last thing you need is to be pulled off a flight because of your child. And to be given this cockamamie explanation? Let's just consider this The Day Common Sense Died.

Not to mention, they made poor Riyanna stand around in the airport even longer. Poor little girl.

Now TSA is blaming the airline, and the airline (JetBlue, how could you???) is blaming TSA. Someone was an idiot in this scenario, and they need to step up and apologize.

WPBF - Toddler pulled off plane in Ft. Lauderdale; family told she's on no-fly list

How do you think a toddler ended up on a no-fly list?


Image via cogdogblog/Flickr

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