Another Tanning Mom Charged With Endangering Her Kids

tanning bedI wouldn't call it an epidemic or anything, but it seems that tanning has led to some pretty big problems lately for moms. The world erupted last week when Patricia Krentcil was charged with child endangerment after she allegedly took her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth with her. Now, there's another mom who's been charged with child endangerment for her actions during a tanning session.

This time it happened in Pennsylvania, when Krista Mann went into a local tanning salon. She didn't take her children -- a 10-month-old boy and a 6-year old girl -- into the booth with her or anything like that. Instead, she left them in the car while she fake baked. Alone.


It happened last Saturday morning when a police officer saw the children in a car that was left idling, parked in the street. According to WGAL, he asked the girl where her mother was, and she told him she was tanning across the street. The officer located her, and now child services are involved.

It's one thing to leave them in your driveway while you run in to grab something you forgot, but completely another to do something as vain and selfish (and long!) as tanning. Even if Krentcil did take her daughter into the booth with her, I'd say Mann's actions are much, much worse because the potential dangers were much greater than a sunburn. Of course, I doubt we'll hear even a fraction as much about Mann because she doesn't look as extreme as Krentcil -- which is good for her ... in many ways.

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In any case, I'm truly bothered by the extremes some moms apparently will go to get bronzed. I don't like my white thighs more than the next girl, and I think we all panic as the temperatures warm up and we think of bearing them. However, besides being DANGEROUS, tanning is also time consuming, and sometimes with kids, you just can't fit it in -- it's one of those hard truths of motherhood no one ever tells you. That's why they invented self tanner, and both of these women and the rest of us should invest in it. Know it; love it; stop the tanning mommy madness before it does become an epidemic.

Do you go tanning at a salon? Do you take your kids with you?


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