Kid Gets Stuck in Gumball Machine (Talk About a Sticky Situation) (VIDEO)

kid with arm stuck in gumball machineI dare you not to laugh at this video. This is the one story that will separate the saints from the rest of us sinners. You know who you are. Your kid gets himself into some ridic situation. He's crying. He's scared. So why are you laughing? Because. Look at that kid!

This poor 2-year-old boy got his hand stuck inside a gumball machine. You can totally see how this happened. There were the gumballs. And there was that little opening at the bottom of the machine. Clearly this is simply a matter of reaching up through the opening and all the gumballs are belong to me -- oh wait. HELP MY ARM MY ARM!!!


Aww, poor little guy! I've definitely seen my own son in situations like this and I always have to fight back a laugh. Son, how on earth did this happen?!? Like the time he got his head stuck between some stair railing bars. Or the time he found a washer on the ground and thought it would make a cool ring. It did not!

Anyway, some of you are going to be horrified at the very idea of laughing at a trapped child. I should be ashamed of myself! And I am ashamed. So, so (snort) ashamed. This is not funny at all. It's not -- all of you, it's not!

(Okay, but don't you love how he's almost free and all he has to do is open his greedy little fist and let go of those damn gumballs but HE WON'T?!? It's like -- gumballs or freedom? Gumballs or freedom? Can't decide! And those kids stuck inside those toy machines -- LOLZZZZ!)

Sorry. I was definitely not laughing just now. I hope you weren't, either, because that's just cruel. Cruel and hilarious.

Do you ever feel guilty about laughing at your kids when they're in trouble?


Image via CNN

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