Woman Gives Birth to Twins at Home of Parents Adopting Them

baby feetI think sometimes we forget the power of our bodies. But this birth story will help you remember. A Michigan woman named Lindsay was pregnant with twins that she was giving up for adoption to Julie and Mike. And for the birth of these twins, this family was going to be bonded in such a beautiful way. Surrounded by a midwife, a doula, Mike and Julie, and friends, including a photographer, the birth took place at the adoptive parents home.

A home birth of twins is amazing. I'm a mother of twins and I love hearing stories like this confirming that multiples can be born naturally. And having these beautiful babies in the home of the parents is just incredible. As the photographer Jaclyn Michele says about the birth, "It takes a village," and this story is proof.

Lindsay gave birth to these two babies in just two hours on their due date. 


Two hours. That's faith in your ability to birth. Faith that our bodies know what to do.

Benjamin was born first, weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces. Adoptive dad Mike put his newborn son to his chest, skin-on-skin, while Benjamin's sister was being born. Adoptive mom Julie was there right behind Lindsay and helped catch both babies as they entered the world. Sophia was born weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces. 

The twins had a fused placenta and if you are interested you can see photos of this twin placenta here. It's such a beautiful story, so beautifully captured by Jaclyn -- you can see more photos from the birth here.

What great weights for twins! Lindsay should be so proud of herself -- what an incredible woman she is. And Mike and Julie have such a fantastic birth story to share with Benjamin and Sophia when they get older.

Does this birth story give you more faith in our ability to birth?


Image via Calmtwood/Flickr

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