Dying 12-Year-Old’s Brave Battle With Cancer Is Honored by United States Marine Corps (VIDEO)

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Funny, bright, and brave 12-year-old Cody Green lost his battle with leukemia on Saturday night. As a mom, my heart breaks for his parents ... even as it swells for the members of the United States Marine Corps who honored Cody in his final hours.

Cody always admired the Marines and faced cancer with the same fighting spirit. Not surprisingly, the Marines admired Cody right back.

So when they heard he was in the hospital (cancer free, but gravely ill with an infection that attacked his brain because his immune system was so weak from chemotherapy), they treated him like one of their own.

In fact, they made him one of their own.


That's right, they made Cody an honorary member of the United States Marine Corps. He was given Marine navigator wings, and one member even stood guard outside Cody's hospital room for eight straight hours the night before he passed away.

That's an image I won't soon forget. 

I didn't know Cody, but I'm so grateful to the Marines who treated his last moments on this earth with such compassion and respect.

And I'm sure there were more Corps members waiting for Cody in Heaven, ready to greet him with a 21-gun salute.

Boy made honorary Marine before death: wlfi.com

If you could, what would you say to the Marines who made Cody an honorary member before he died?

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