Lion Goes Crazy Over Toddler Dressed in Zebra Hoodie (VIDEO)

lion zoo toddler zebraAwww, look at the cute ... whoa!!

Holy ... OMG.

As an unidentified off-camera voice observes midway through this video of a lion trying desperately to devour a blissfully oblivious tot: "That's like ... almost ... NOT COOL!"

And then the person who said that bursts out laughing, because there is something undeniably funny about the whole scene, especially when you figure out why the lioness at Portland's Oregon Zoo wants a taste of this particular kid sooooo bad ... this particular kid in the black and white striped hoodie ...

Mmmmmm, baby zebra!!!


I love how the kid barely even notices.

Here's this ferociously fearsome creature, this legendary predator, mere inches behind him ... trying with all her might to break through the pesky invisible wall and pop that little zebra nugget right into her mouth ...

Eh. He's not particularly impressed. Okay? Don't call him, he'll call you. Next!

Seriously, you've just gotta see this for yourself:

Get it? Yikes! And yet ... that's some funny stuff right there.

How would you have reacted to the lion "attack" if you were this toddler's mom?

Image via jpbsmama/YouTube

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