2-Year-Old Bikes 3 Miles Alone to Visit Sick Grandma (VIDEO)

toddler bikeI'm all for free-range parenting and independent kids. But can that sense of independence go too far? Like, three miles too far?

Little 2-year-old Noah Joel of Hameln, Germany was worried about his sick grandma. So he decided to hop on his little toddler bike and ride across town to visit her at the hospital. Because that's just what you do, right?

THREE MILES LATER the police found the kid after people spotted him criss-crossing a street several times looking lost.


His poor mom. She thought he was just playing in his room. But then she went to check on him and noticed he and his wheels were missing. Naturally Noah ran out of the house without shoes on, but he did think to pack a few snacks in his backpack. Priorities!

And by the way, the only reason why he didn't make it all the way to the hospital is because his bike isn't outfitted with GPS like all vehicles should be -- that's what he told the police. (Also, I'm pretty sure Noah would want me to point out that he does not ride a tricycle. He rides one of those groovy no-pedal balance toddler bikes that Germans credit with teaching young kids how to ride without ever using training wheels.)

Okay, and the cherry on the top of this crazy toddler story sundae is that this is the Hameln/Hamelin made famous by the tale of the Pied Piper. You know, the guy who plays the flute and makes all the kids just walk out of town? It's like Noah was following the Pied Piper!

Anyway, we can all laugh now because Noah is safe and nothing bad happened to him. Phew. But can you imagine the confidence this kid has? I know so many clingy toddlers. Hell, I know so many  clingy kids! But this guy -- he's Mr. Independent. I just hope his grandma is feeling better. This story should at least give her a big laugh and make her feel loved!

Would your toddler ever do anything this independent?


Image via valentinapowers/Flickr

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