Sick Perverts Turn Mom's YouTube Post Into Viral Nightmare

dance poolEverybody loves cute kid videos, right? Indeed -- but not everybody loves them for the right reasons, as Texas mom Kelli Clark discovered when she posted a video on YouTube of her then 2-year-old son dancing in the rain, wearing a diaper. 

"It was at like, 56 hits for the longest time," says Clark. Then suddenly the video shot up to 3,000 hits for no apparent reason. Clark was mystified ... until she got an unpleasantly informative email from a woman in Sweden.


The woman told Kelli that the video of her son had been re-posted on a private YouTube channel featuring nude children (hence the suspicious spike in traffic). Says Clark:

"I went to look. I was totally shocked. From then, I called the FBI and they couldn't do anything about it because they weren't his videos. They were other people's videos that he had collected."

WTF?! Does this sound like a serious flaw in the system to anyone else?

Clark's only option was, unfortunately, the only option for any parent who wants to share a video of their child with family and friends and be sure they're NOT sharing it with a network of pedophiles: Clark set the video to "private."

So scary, so disgusting. My kids are too big to dance around in diapers these days, but if they were? I'd have serious misgivings about sharing those adorable moments with the digital world.

Do you ever get scared to post videos of your kids on YouTube?


Image via Luciano Meirelles/Flickr

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