Woman Expecting 9 Babies Makes Kate Gosselin Look Ordinary

babiesBetter watch out, Kate Gosselin! Sounds like it might be time to hand over the "I had a whole mess of babies at once" crown: A woman in Mexico named Karla Vanessa Perez is reportedly pregnant with nine -- count 'em, nine! -- babies. Nine babies!!! Is there even a word for that??

Hey, there is: Nonuplets. (Thanks, Google!)

So Karla Vanessa Perez, who had fertility treatments, is expecting nonuplets on May 20. Whew! Good thing she sounds like the grounded type; when asked about possible names, she replied:

"It's very early to think of names for the babies. First I hope that everything goes well."

I hope so too, of course. And if the delivery is a success, it will go down as one of the the "highest multiple births ever recorded."

(Hear that, Kate? I bet TLC is already knocking on this lady's door!)


I can't even begin to imagine how Perez is feeling physically right now -- I'm still scarred by Gosselin's gruesome account of the final phases of her pregnancy with the septuplets. (Which is why I don't fault the TV mom for her "glamorous" new look, incidentally. The physical torture that woman endured!! So what if she wants a spray tan? She earned it!)

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Perez is carrying six girls and three boys, which would be a pretty cool ratio (those brothers would have an awful lot on their plates, though, when it came to fending off boys and the like).

Personally, I think Kate Gosselin should take a proactive stance here and befriend Perez. Be a sort of mentor figure. There's enough room for both women in the spotlight! Imagine: Kate and Karla Plus 17. Throw a few more in and they'd even have the Duggars beat!

Have you ever heard of a woman giving birth to nine babies?


Image via Stephanie Hawver/Flickr

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