Maternity Ward Outbreak Shows How Contagious Pregnancy Can Be

pregnant bellyIt's weird how you go your whole life never realizing how many pregnant women there are walking around at any given time, UNTIL you get pregnant (or want to become pregnant) yourself.  Then all of a sudden, it seems everyone around is you is pregnant, and you start feeling like maybe it's contagious because more and more people you know start announcing their news.

For some women who work in a maternity ward in the UK, however, that whole phenomenon has been nothing short of phenomenal. According to an article in The Sun, nine women who work in the maternity unit at Wansbeck Hospital in Northumberland have recently given birth or are currently pregnant. That includes seven midwives, one consultant, and a secretary. In this case, you really do have to wonder what's in the water there.


The ladies say they in no way planned the baby boom, but were rather surprised by it themselves. The first to give birth was Amanda Johnson, 11 weeks ago. Two more ladies delivered after her, and the remaining six are due this summer. Johnson told the paper:

I didn’t actually tell anyone else until I’d had my first scan, but after that it seemed every week someone else was announcing they were pregnant. The whole ward has just been a lovely place at the moment.

I knew a couple of people who were pregnant around the same time I was, but no close friends that were living by me at the time. I imagine it would be so comforting to have some who is going through it at the same time to commiserate with, and to know what you're going through as it actually happens. So to have that many women right there together in it on daily basis had to be incredible. And what a seriously amazing place to deliver a baby that would be, surrounded by all of that beautiful, maternal love.

The only problem, of course, might happen when much of the staff is out on maternity leave at the same time. Hopefully, they'll figure that out soon.

Were you pregnant at the same as other close friends, family members or co-workers? Was that helpful to you?


Image via Photos by Lina/Flickr

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