Dad Kidnaps 5-Year-Old Son Awaiting Heart Transplant

empty hospital bedWhat lengths would you go to keep your child, if you had lost custody in the divorce? One father in St. Louis went a step too far, if you ask me. Jeffrey Stone kidnapped his five-year-old son, Porter Stone, who was awaiting a heart transplant. Porter’s parents have been involved in a bitter custody battle. Porter vanished after he was discharged with a backpack containing a medical intravenous pump and medication that would last only 48 hours. He was next on the transplant list to receive a life-saving surgery.


Luckily, authorities found Porter and his father the next day.

I don’t know what I would do if faced with the thought of losing custody of my children and not being able to see them again. I am pretty sure that if they were awaiting a life saving transplant surgery I would not take them away from their medication and the hospital that had them next on the list.

We've all heard of parents who have gone to extremes to be able to be with their children and who can blame them, aside from their ex-spouse and the law? I've heard in the news about parents kidnapping and taking their child out of the state, the country, changing the kid’s entire look just to be able to parent their child.  Or is it just to make the other parent miserable? I’m not sure, perhaps, a little of both.

Then there are parents who have gone completely off the deep end and go to the extreme of actually killing their child under the thought process that if I can’t have you, no one can. Luckily, this is not how it turned out for little Porter Stone, though it very easily could have if the authorities did not find him and his father.

What lengths would you go to see your child if you lost custody?

Image via kdt/Flickr

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