Mom of Kids With Autism Gives Back (VIDEO)

You probably know at least one family affected by autism. Recent figures say one in every 88 kids have an autism spectrum disorder.

In Angie's family, the figure is two out of three...her son has Asperger's and one of her twin daughters has mild autism. But instead of asking "why me?" she's giving back to families like hers.

Angie volunteers for Autism Speaks, a nationwide organization that raises funds for research into the causes of autism and its treatment. Angie's hope is that someday there will be a cure for autism, and she's doing what she can to help that happen.



Pretty inspiring, no? It's not like Angie's got a lot of time on her hands. After all, she has three kids, and dealing with the special needs of just one child with autism can take up a lot of time, much less two.


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Image via CafeMom Studios


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