Mom Who Delivered Sextuplets Gives Hope to Couples Trying to Conceive

baby feetMove over, Kate Gosselin -- because there's a new mom of sextuplets in town (or at least in the United States!). A 28-year-old woman named Lauren Perkins just gave birth to three baby boys and three baby girls on Monday at a hospital in Houston, Texas. All six babies were born via C-section in a matter of four minutes. Talk about a quick arrival! While the babies did manage to stay in utero for a little over 30 weeks, they are currently being monitored in the intensive care unit.

Lauren and her husband are relying on their faith to keep their babies safe during this critical time, which makes total sense, because that's what kept them strong during their struggles with infertility as well. It took them 18 months of undergoing treatments to get pregnant with their little miracles, and despite their challenges, they never gave up on the idea of being parents.


After reading some of their entries on their personal blog, The Perkins Pack, I was struck by how this couple persevered to have a child. They tried to conceive the old fashioned way for an entire year and a half before finally deciding to resort to fertility treatments. At that point, they opted for ovulation induction with intrauterine insemination, which required Lauren to have two weeks of shots followed by "a couple turkey bastings," as her husband jokingly put it.

There was only a 25 percent chance of the procedure working at all, so imagine their shock when they found out two weeks later that the treatment had been a success -- but they were expecting six babies all at once! (OMG. I would've fainted for sure.)

With their particular fertility treatment, there was only a 1 percent chance of conceiving sextuplets, which only makes their pregnancy and birth story an even bigger inspiration to other couples who are having difficulty conceiving. Imagine if they had thrown in the towel and not opted to give getting pregnant one more try? I'm sure the thought has crossed their minds more than once -- especially now that they have six little miracles to remind them every single day. Their journey just goes to show where love, dedication, hope, and faith can lead you if you hang in there and never give up.

Did you have a tough time getting pregnant? Did you use any fertility treatments? 


Image via IngaMun/Flickr

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