Mom Gives Birth In Her Ford Explorer on the Way to Hospital (VIDEO)

newborn babyWhen I was expecting my first child, I was convinced I'd go into labor and not make it to the hospital in time. I soon found out how silly that was based on how long labor can actually last. But, in my defense, there is always the exception. Take Luke Curtis Miller for example, who was more than a little impatient to meet his mommy.

Sarah Miller, Luke's mother, had been having contractions for hours, but doctors told her she was having false labor. But later that day, Miller was sure the baby was coming so she and her mom jumped into the car and headed for the hospital.

They never made it.


Fifteen minutes down the road, Luke made his arrival into the world -- he slid out and onto the floor of the Ford Expedition. Grandma stopped the car and wrapped the 7 pound baby in a blanket.

Wow! What a birth story this mom has to tell her son.


How fast was your labor?

Image via The Palm Beach Post/ Flickr

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