Mother Delivers Twins 6 Weeks After Being Declared Dead (VIDEO)

Christine Bolden
Christine Bolden
Just last month, Christine Bolden, 26, was happy, seemingly healthy, and pregnant with twins. While walking with her boyfriend and 3-year-old son, she felt a severe pain in her head. According to reports, she then fell to the ground and looked as if she had fallen "into a deep sleep."

She never woke up and later was declared brain dead as a result of two brain aneurysms, according to 24 Hours News 8. Her twins, however, lived on, as Bolden's family waited with hope and determination, rubbing her belly and talking to the babies. After six weeks on life support, things got critical, and it was time to deliver the babies ... at just 25 weeks gestation.


Christine's aunt, Danielle Bolden, said they held out hope that Christine would wake up until the end. She told the station:

Christine's grandmother told them not to numb her because maybe when they cut her [for the c-section] she would have felt that, and woke up saying, "Wait a minute I can feel that! What is you all doing to me!" But it didn't happen.

It didn't, but that disappointment was followed shortly thereafter by the joyful births of the twins, Alexander and Nicholas. They were small -- 1 pound 5 ounces, and 1 pound 9 ounces -- and they're still in the NICU. Being born so early they certainly face plenty of challenges and health threats, but they're here despite everything.

"God, he could have took her and the boys," said Danielle. "But he left the boys. That's a miracle."

I find it difficult to call it a miracle, because the situation is laced with so much grief. But it's the only thing we can do sometimes I think when these seemingly inexplicable tragedies strike. If we focus only on the pain, it becomes unbearable.

And ultimately, I think Christine probably got her final wish. I imagine that in those brief seconds when the pain struck her, her first thought was please let my babies be okay. And for now, they are. While they will never know their mother's touch or look into her eyes, they will know that she took care of them as well as she could until the very end.

Mother's death brings new life:

Do you see this story as one of hope, or one that is just unbearably heartbreaking?

Image via 24 Hour News 8

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