7-Year-Old Who Can't Sleep Saves Entire Family From Fire (VIDEO)

MiaHaving a kid who doesn't sleep well is up there on the short list of things that make parents nuts. But Mia Wojciechoski's parents are glad their 7-year-old can be a problem sleeper. It's why she was awake when a fire broke out in their Long Island home.

Thanks to Mia's screams for her dad, her entire family, including mom, dad, sister, a teenage cousin, and even the dog were able to get out of their house completely unharmed. If that's not a silver lining, I don't know what is!


The pictures of the family's home put a lot in perspective for me. My daughter is just a few months younger than Mia, and she has her parents' night owl tendencies. If she's asleep by 10 p.m., we've done well ... and it isn't for lack of trying. Like the parents of most kids in the first grade at her school, we try to have her actual body in the bed by 8 p.m.

But there's a reason we never stuck to a strict bedtime before she hit school age -- she's just not a sleeper. And I could kvetch about it until the cows come home, but reading about Mia today was a nice reminder that there are a lot worse things in life than having a kid who isn't asleep.

We all have our health.

The Wojciechowski family members all have their LIVES ... thanks to a kid who was awake. Just take a look at their home:


Yup, I'm saying little Mia not sleeping is the best thing that could have happened to this family. And what a little hero for knowing she needed to wake her parents! Good thinking, kiddo.

What is bedtime like in your house?


Image via CBS

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