Megadeth Pregnancy Craigslist Ad Has Hilariously Weird Conclusion

Hey, remember that bitchin' Craigslist ad posted by the 28-year-old Chicago woman who claimed she was looking for her baby daddy? Apparently she, ahem, raw dogged it in a bathroom stall with a random dude during a Megadeth/Motorhead concert in March, and from that magical moment, a child was conceived. Oh, it all sounded so incredibly romantic: her in blue hair, fishnets, and knee high black biker boots; him sporting a red mohawk, black pentagram gauges, and viper piercings.

As she so eloquently stated in the ad, "Anyway I'm pregnant. It's yours. Contact me if you want to be part of your child's life." It seemed like a parental match made in heaven!

Sadly, the ad has turned out to be a hoax. But as you struggle with the no-doubt crushing disappointment you're feeling right now, take solace in the fact that her excuse for posting the joke is almost more awesome than the ad itself.


After news of the ad went viral, a reporter for Fuse managed to track down the mystery mama-to-be. She eventually responded to his email and said that she'd be willing to talk as long as he didn't reveal her real name.

The top secret identity name that she asked him to use? Crash. HA HA HAAAAAAA *wipes tear*

Wait, it gets better.

Crash (haaaaaa) told Fuse that she misrepresented a few things in the ad. For one thing, she's 23, not 28. Also, she lives in Kansas, not Chicago. She's never actually been to a Megadeth or Motorhead show, and finally, she's not pregnant. In fact, the whole thing was actually an inside joke between her and a friend:

It started from not sleeping very much and starting a new medication that kept me awake. I was just so bored being awake all day and all night, and I was surfing the Internet non-stop. I read some Craigslist Missed Connections posts and I found them funny, so I decided to put one up to, ummm... make this boy laugh.

OMG. It's like one of those Ambien excuses, but in reverse. The medication made me do it! I was so alert and non-drowsy, I couldn't help myself!

As for why she specifically targeted a Megadeth/Motorhead show, Crash said she was "pretty sure there were people banging at that concert"—and based on some of the worried email responses she's received, she must have been right. As she said,

I may not be pregnant, but someone is.

So there you go: this particular ad may have turned out to be a fake, but odds are that there's at least one little bundle of joy who was brought into this world when two consenting adults fornicated under the most holy of circumstances: in a urine-scented stall, set to the backdrop of Lemmy's sweet gravelly voice. Come this winter, a little Raw Dog will born somewhere in the world, and when that day arrives, I have the perfect baby shower gift:

Are you surprised to hear the Craigslist ad was a hoax, or did you suspect it all along?

Images via Flickr/Ted Van Pelt, diaperswappers

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