Wedding Plans of Boy Bullied to Death Make His Suicide Even Harder to Bear

Kenneth Weishuhun PinterestAnother gay teen bullied into taking his own life. Another grieving mother. And Kenneth Weishuhn's mom has something else to contend with. Before her 14-year-old son committed suicide, he built a Pinterest board.

And on that board -- sweetly titled "When I get married. (:" -- are all his hopes and dreams beautifully rendered in full color. I took one look, and I almost wish I hadn't.


I'm not Kenneth Weishuhn's mother, but it still made me cry. I let loose an angry torrent of hot tears reading through his captions for the photos he'd "pinned." And I wondered, what could this be doing to poor Jeannie Chambers?

She has told the media that her son begged her not to call the school, not to get involved, because he thought it would make the harassment worse. She respected his wishes because she was trying to be the best mom she could be. That's what moms do. We try to give our kids what they want -- within reason of course.

But now this Iowa mom has to look at all of Kenneth's wants that she can't fulfill. She has proof in pictures of the future that was stolen away from her son, from her family.

When a child dies, we talk a lot about tragedy. We talk about the loss of "potential." We talk in vague terms about the stuff of life.

But this isn't vague. This is cold, hard fact. Living in one of the few states where same-sex marriage is legal, Kenneth Weishuhn had a dream he probably could have achieved. But not now. Because we still live in a world where the same boy who could sit on his computer dreaming of one day strewing flowers in the design of the courtyard dance from the movie Tangled up the aisle where he'd walk to meet his ever after is a boy who went to school every day and faced torture at the hands of bullies ... and the mom who loved him dearly couldn't do anything to end the nightmare.

What do you wish you could say to Kenneth Weishuhn's mom today?


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