2-Year-Old Swims for Charity & Raises $900 (VIDEO)

rosanna ogdenRosanna Ogden isn't your average 2-year-old. And she wasn't your average infant either. See, shortly after she was born, doctors discovered a life-threatening tumor in her heart and the little angel had to undergo open heart surgery when she was a teeny-tiny newborn. Heartbreaking! After the surgery was completed (and everything seemed okay), doctors informed her parents that physical activity would help with the recovery process -- so they enrolled her in infant swimming lessons at just 10 weeks old. Crazy, right? Well, you should check out Rosanna in the pool now. She'll swim circles around any of us.


You see that little cutie go? Unbelievable! She's a fish. And she actually just completed a charity swim, where she raised about $900. It's hard to believe she's just 2. How many 2-year-olds do you know who can swim like that?

I'm so happy Rosanna's okay -- and I really hope she does go on to win Olympic Gold one day -- but this story also kind of reminds me that children in the water early is a good idea. When they're little, they aren't scared yet (parents are). Why not get them in the pool before they can be afraid? They might end up being as good as Rosanna. (Might.)

How great is Rosanna? When did you first put your child in the water?

Image via surreyandburksmedia/YouTube

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