Holy Tear-Jerking Story: Boy With Leukemia Gets to Be Batman for a Day (VIDEO)

batman adventure wishI heart the Arlington (TX) Police Department! And the Fire Department, and the Lone Star State-based non-profit "A Wish With Wings." I absolutely love these organizations for coming together to make the dreams of an adorable little boy with leukemia come true.

Seven-year-old Kye had a pretty fantastic "adventure wish" -- to be Batman for a day. (Can't say I blame him.) And that's exactly what he got! I'm not talking about some small potatoes caper, either -- I'm talking about a day that started at 10 a.m. with a bank robbery (staged in an actual bank) and went on to include run-ins with villains like The Joker and The Riddler, a "bomb" threat, stacks of fake money ... even patrol car chases.

I'm sure Kye loved every second of his adventure. But personally, my favorite part came at the very end ...


As a grand finale to his day of superheroics, Kye was awarded Key to the City by Assistant Police Chief James Hawthorne.

Oh. My. God. When he takes off his Batman mask and you see that cute little face ... if you're wearing mascara, better hope it's waterproof. I can't even think about it without choking up!

I hope Kye lives a long life filled with many more adventures and many more encounters with real-life superheroes like the people who made his dream come true.

What's your favorite part of this video?


Image via arlingtonpolicemedia/YouTube

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