Surrogate Gives Birth 15 Times & Calls It Quits (VIDEO)

meredith olafson

If a woman named Meredith Olafson isn't the true definition of a super-mom, then I really don't know who is! Along with having four children of her own, she's also given birth to eleven other babies as part of her career as a surrogate mom. Yes -- that's a total of 15 infants. In order to fulfill the dreams of people who couldn't get pregnant on their own, she carried three single pregnancies, a set of twins, and two sets of triplets. Now that's some serious dedication!

But at 47 years old, Meredith is ready to retire her job as a surrogate for good. And while it's no doubt bittersweet, I think she can feel pretty good about throwing in the towel at this point. She's had one heck of a run, that's for sure! Shouldn't she get some sort of extra special pension or framed certificate or something like that? Because carrying and giving birth to 15 babies is no easy feat.


And I know what you're thinking -- she must have made some serious dough after going through all those pregnancies. But the truth is that money was never a motivating factor behind Meredith's willingness to help other people become parents. She carried their babies out of the goodness of her heart and said:

When you see those parents’ faces when they see that ultrasound for the first time and they see that heart beat beating -- or they get to hear that heartbeat -- that’s priceless right there.

Wow. I think it's safe to say that there's definitely a sort of "calling" when it comes to being a surrogate -- especially for someone who is willing to do it over and over again. Not everyone can handle something like that emotionally or physically. And even though Meredith reports having very easy pregnancies and deliveries, it can't be easy to have that child grow and move inside of you for nine months only to have to give it up at the end of the whole deal.

I'm not sure I could do it, even for a close friend or family member. It would just be so tough to go through a pregnancy and come out empty handed. Huh. I guess I sound sort of selfish for only thinking about getting a prize after haivng a baby, but I just can't imagine enduring an entire pregnancy without actually taking the baby home as my own. (Am I a bad person?) But I guess seeing the joy and happiness that comes with giving the gift of parenthood to people who wouldn't normally be able to have it is reward enough -- or at least it was more than sufficient for Meredith.

Check out the video clip below to hear more about Meredith's amazing journey as a surrogate.

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Would you ever consider being a surrogate or using one to have a baby?

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