Tough Toddler Escapes Carjacking & Wows Us With Survival Skills (VIDEO)

toddler carjackingIt was a parent's worst nightmare: Anthony Pettiford of Colorado Springs was standing right next to his car in a convenience store parking lot, talking to a couple of his buddies, when somebody suddenly got in his car and drove away -- with Pettiford's 3-year-old son in the backseat! Can you even imagine? I start to panic just thinking about it. Pettiford and his friends ran after the car but lost sight of it after about 10 blocks.

At which point the poor guy must've thought he'd never see his little boy again.

Good thing Pettiford's little boy is apparently the most sensible, quick-thinking toddler ever.


Nobody's sure exactly what happened next, but police think that when the carjacker realized the boy was in the backseat, he left him on the side of the road (why slap a potential kidnapping charge on to your already serious crime?).

So here's where the story takes a turn for the incredible. What do you think the average 3-year-old would do if a stranger stole his daddy's car -- with him in it -- then left him alone on the street at 2 a.m.? (Oh, did I mention it was snowing/sleeting and the boy was only wearing "nighttime diapers" and a thin jacket?) Personally, I would expect hysterical tears and not much else.

Not this kid.

Instead, he went straight to the nearest home, walked up the 14 slippery steps to the front door of the duplex carrying a bag with a container of soy milk, diapers, wipes, and a sippy cup, and rang the doorbell. When 53-year-old nurse Traci Gilbert opened the door, the snow-covered boy had just one thing to say:

"Help me, I'm cold."

Once Gilbert made sure the child was physically okay, her (grown-up) son drove him back towards the convenience store to find his dad. Before they even got there, they ended up flagging down a police officer who was already searching for Pattiford's son and soon the family was reunited.

"He never shed a single tear the whole time. That boy is a hero to me," says Gilbert. I agree, he's an amazing kid. But Gilbert is a hero too! Thank god the boy happened to ring the doorbell of a kind, compassionate mom (who just happened to be trained in first aid)!

If the group hug at the end of this clip is any indication, I'm guessing Gilbert and the Pettiford family are going to be friends for life.

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Do you have a toddler? What would he do in a situation like this one?

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