'Angry Boys' Mom Lets Daughter Drink Out of 'Penis' Water Bottle

angry boysAs the mother of two little girls, I do my best to shield and protect them from the evil that exists in the world. At the same time, I’m slowly trying to teach them life skills that will help them navigate the world as strong, powerful, beautiful-on-the-inside-and-the-outside ladies.

That does not include putting them on HBO to suck on plastic penis-shaped cups in a failed attempt at humor. I’m not sure what kind of mother does that to her little girl, but it’s one that needs to sit down and reexamine her priorities. 


HBO’s new show Angry Boys is the brainchild of Australian comedian Chris Lilley, with many of the “cringe-worthy tragicomedy characters” played by Lilley himself. One of these characters is a Japanese mother who allows her young daughter to drink out of a penis cup. Yes, this ‘shock show’ includes a scene with a little girl that can’t be older than six or seven, sucking innocently out of giant pink plastic penis-shaped cup.

What is wrong with people?

Is there a point to this? Why would anyone think this is funny, or in any way ok? Where is this girl’s mother? Is she so fixated on stardom for her child that she would allow this kind of ‘acting’?

There have been many parenting debates about age-appropriate activities. Remember the little girls dancing provocatively to Beyonce’s Single Ladies? Or what about pole dancing classes for little girls? Forget the War on Women, it seems like we have a real war going on regarding childhood innocence.

There will be plenty of time for girls to make their own poor decisions during the growing up process, but what hope is there when adults are shoving penis cups into their safety-scissor-sized hands and then laughing about it? Have we become so desensitized to crudity that this has become acceptable behavior?

I know that I’m going to have to teach my daughters about the world around them. I just wish that world didn’t include phallic objects in little girls’ hands. 


Image via HBO

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