Mom Turns Daughter's Health Tragedy Into Triumph (VIDEO)

child with blindnessI'm pretty much in awe of Lori Planson, the mom featured in this episode of the CafeMom Studios series Our Special Life. Her daughter, Emma, was born without something most of us take for granted: Vision.

I can't imagine how devastated the new mom must have been. Still -- and this is the part that blows me away -- she was more determined than despondent.

Lori didn't want Emma to feel like she was missing out on everything life had to offer ... and one only has to watch the now 5-year-old Emma in action for a few minutes to know that she hasn't missed out on a single thing (and probably never will!).


Emma basically looks like the happiest 5-year-old on the planet. She's incredibly lively and bright and animated -- her mom says she "never stops moving," and I believe it! It's clear that nothing will ever stand in Emma's way, thanks in large part to Lori's strength of character.

Check out this clip and you'll see what I mean:

I felt inspired and motivated to be a better mom to my two kids after just these few minutes of footage ... how about you?

What did you learn about being a strong mom from Lori Planson?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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