Scary New 'Dateline' Series Proves Your Kid Probably WILL Talk to Strangers (VIDEO)

stop for childrenOh, god. Part of me hates to tell you about the Dateline NBC series "My Kid Would Never Do That," because ... well, guess what? My kid and probably your kid WOULD do that, it turns out. I mean, okay. Let me put it this way ... Natalie Morales cried. SHE CRIED.

This new series is sort of in the tradition of "To Catch a Predator," except that it uses hidden cameras to catch kids making really scary life-choices instead of perverts ... well, making really scary life-choices. Then producers sit down with parents and experts to watch the results ... and ... oh boy. You think you know your kid ...


But apparently, all those lessons we've tried to teach about "stranger danger" and the tricks potential kidnappers will try to play go flying out of their heads when a random guy offers a private tour of an ice cream truck. (That's the part that made Natalie Morales cry -- watching her 8-year-old son fall for the ice cream man's ploy.)

The series premieres this Sunday at 7 p.m. In the coming weeks, staged scenarios will involve driving while texting or while under the influence, cheating in school and discriminating against kids from different ethnic backgrounds. All of which are pretty terrifying for a parent to contemplate ...

But this Sunday's episode will hit parents of young kids the hardest, in my opinion. Which is a good, if unpleasant, thing -- clearly we all need to re-evaluate what we're teaching our kids about "stranger danger" and how to stay safe.

Even Natalie Morales.

Will you watch Dateline's "My Kid Would Never Do That?"

Image via msnbc

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