Mega Millions Winner Has Nothing on Boy & His 'Ball Pit' (VIDEO)

jack ball pitOne of the many fabulous things about having a toddler is that you're constantly reminded what joy looks like. Because let's face it: Of course as adults, we have our happy moments ... but how often do we feel complete and utter joy? I'm talking the kind of all-consuming glee demonstrated by little Jack in the above photo.

The giddy euphoria of a plastic ball-obsessed toddler who's just been given his VERY OWN BALL PIT.


Moments like these are what I miss most about having toddlers ... those heartbreakingly sweet displays of enthusiasm fade as the years go by and self-consciousness sets in. Before his parents know it, Jack will be a jaded 5-year-old ... but at least they'll always have this video:

What makes your toddler THIS happy? What makes YOU this happy?


Image via wo0twoot/YouTube

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