Allergy Awareness T-Shirts for Kids Are Nuts

allergy shirtFood allergies in kids are serious business. For some, the tiniest exposure can be a life-threatening situation. I get that. What I don't get, however, is how anyone could think making their child wear a t-shirt that proclaims his allergy boldly across his chest is a good idea.

These shirts from Olli Lolli come in all sorts of lovely colors and designs. You can choose from "Nut Free Kid," "Dairy Free Kid," and more to warn the world of your child's allergy and declare it to the world. But do you really want to do that to a kid?


I know plenty of children with severe allergies, and already their lives are so drastically altered because of them; I just can't imagine further calling attention to them unnecessarily. From special tables in cafeterias to having to refuse cake at birthday parties, many already feel different enough without having to stand out even more to every single person they encounter.

The same company has allergy alert jewelry, and that to me is a much better option. A bracelet that might provide a good reminder as a kid reaches to take food that may contain a forbidden allergen isn't such a bad idea, as it's a bit discreet. Huge words splashed across the front of one's t-shirt, is a lot different.

Not that allergies are anything to be ashamed of, but neither should they have to define a child. And let's face it, having "Nut Free Child" emblazoned on your chest pretty much does that. And what about when the t-shirt is getting washed? Is that the only thing they're going to be allowed to wear when they leave the house? Maybe tattooing it on their forehead would be more practical? I understand the urge to do ANYTHING it takes to keep our kids safe, but if we gave into that urge, our children would all live in bubbles.

I don't have a child with a severe allergy. Maybe if I did, I would feel differently and think that these t-shirts are indeed a great idea. I don't know. As it is now, I just feel sad at the thought of any child being asked to wear one.

Do your children suffer from food allergies? Would you dress them in one of these t-shirts?


Image via Olli Lolli

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