Parents Love Hearing Their 2-Year-Old Say the F-Word (VIDEO)

fire pitAw, kids learning to say things. So cute! Almost as cute as kitten videos. Here's a little girl trying, over and over again, to say "fire pit." Except it sounds like she's saying "f*ck it." And her parents apparently cannot get enough of this hilarity. "Say fire pit! Say fire pit!" Parents, you are sick (in a good way!). Also, thank you for making this video. Except, can we talk about your back story?


The parents claim their daughter has never actually heard the words "f*ck it" from them, their friends, or anyone else ever, ever in her life. Really?!? How is that possible? By the time my son was her age, he'd heard that phrase from my mouth about (undisclosed number) times. Not on purpose, of course. I was trying really hard not to say that phrase or any of its cousins. Some folks have a hard time quitting smoking; I can't quit my swear words.

But hey, good job parents who never swear around their kid but can't get enough of her saying "f*ck." You'll treasure this moment when she's a teenager and says that phrase for real!

What words have your kids mangled when they were learning to talk?


Image via DevinandEric/YouTube

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