Mom's Intuition Saves 'Dead' Baby From Morgue (VIDEO)

newbornOk, you may want to sit down before reading this post, because you're really not going to believe what happened to the mother of a newborn baby in Argentina.

Analia Bouter suffered every mom's worst nightmare when she went into premature labor and delivered her baby girl three months too early. Sadly, doctors said the newborn girl was stillborn and "showed no signs of life" after delivery, so they pronounced the baby dead. She was taken away immediately, and her mother never got to see her.

I'm sure you can imagine just how devastated Analia and her husband must have been, but even 12 hours after their baby girl died, she insisted on seeing her child just one last time.

And that's when a true miracle happened.


Analia and her husband went to the morgue, where their newborn had been placed in a refrigerated room. They opened the drawer containing their daughter's remains, and all of a sudden, the baby let out a tiny cry.

Analia initially thought she must be hallucinating when she heard the baby whimper, but it turns out doctors had made an incredible mistake after her birth. The baby was, indeed, alive, and she's doing well and in good condition today. OMG. What would've happened if they hadn't gone to see her in the morgue?!

An investigation is being conducted to see what went wrong after the baby's birth at the hospital, but this story proves just how incredible a mother's intuition can be. It's almost as if something deep inside of Analia was guiding her and telling her that she needed to get over to the morgue to see her baby girl. Subconsciously, she seemed to innately know that something just wasn't right. And thank God she followed her gut.

Can you even imagine how much joy she must be feeling, not only because her daughter is alive, but because she's also the person who saved her life? Nothing can quite compete with a mother's love and devotion to her child -- not even the "expert" opinion of a doctor.

You can hear more about this miracle baby in the video clip below. The story is truly incredible!

Has your mother's intuition ever kept your child out of harm's way?


Image via Nina Matthews Photography/Flickr

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