Man Who Fathers 600 Children Makes Us Worry About Incest

spermNadya Suleman takes more than a little heat from the world at large for having her herd of kids, and the Duggars get blasted regularly for their big brood. But their propensity for procreation pales in comparison to Bertold Wiesner, who is thought to have fathered 600 children.

According to The Telegraph, Wiesner and his wife, Mary Barton, ran a fertility clinic in London for years. Since it opened its doors in the 1940s, they helped couples conceive more than 1,500 babies. Lovely ... until recently evidence came out that shows that as many as two-thirds of those babies are the biological sons and daughters of Weiser.

Yes, he was a busy guy providing plenty of samples over the years -- about 20 per year -- and now the ramifications are downright terrifying as he has between 300-600 children running around -- who have no idea about one another. That's incest just waiting to happen.


He has created a web so tangled and so potentially primed for icky (for lack of a better word) and physically dangerous situations, it's unbelievable. With 600 siblings being fathered in London, the possibility of them finding each other as romantic partners isn't a stretch at all. Then think of their kids finding their siblings' kids, and the whole thing is one big nightmare. Unfortunately, he can't be punished for his vile acts or attempt to explain them, as he died in 1972. However, it is a huge wake-up call that sperm banks must be better regulated.

While in Britain they have changed laws to limit the number of children a man can father through sperm donation (10), in the United States the practice is wildly unregulated and there are no limits here, according to ABC. Unbelievable. 

I don't know about you, but if I had used a sperm bank or knew my mother conceived via the help of a sperm bank -- especially in London -- I'd be pretty freaked out right about now and would start some DNA testing ASAP. It also makes me think that blood testing before marriage might not be such a bad idea for everyone ... just in case. 

Have you used a sperm donor, and if so, does this freak you out?


Image via Apokolokyntosis/Flickr

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