Toddler Makes Terrifying & Dangerous Discovery at Easter Egg Hunt

easter basketWhat's the worst possible thing your child could pick up in an Easter egg hunt? I can think of a few awful things: An old cigarette butt, broken glass, a rusty tin can. How about a live hand grenade? NO! Yes. A British 3-year-old boy discovered a live hand grenade while searching for sweet, non-combustible treats during an Easter egg hunt yesterday.

Okay, that's horrifying. You will be relieved to know no one was hurt. (I sure was relieved.) They think it was an old grenade left over from World War II. And the poor little guy was found standing on it!


So. How does this happen? I mean, as a mom, I'm wondering if all the parents in England are suddenly feeling paranoid about letting their little ones just run around in the grass now. The grenade was next to a road, and the boy thought it was just a rock. But it's been nearly 70 years, so you'd think they would have found all the leftover (yeech) grenades by now. I think this must have been just a freak incident.

In case you're wondering what they did with that grenade, a bomb squad destroyed it in a controlled explosion -- they blocked off a large area and blew it up. So it's no longer a danger to innocent little tots trying to collect eggs.

Still, those poor parents of the 3-year-old -- they'll never forget this egg hunt! Easter 2012: The Year of the Hand Grenade. I haven't seen any comments from the family, but another dad there said, "It was a bit of a shock." Ya think?

Has your child ever found something shocking during an Easter egg hunt?


Image via alisharusher/Flickr

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